Three Unique Options That Make Visiting a Dispensary Worth It

When it comes to using marijuana for pain relief or even enjoyment, there are always options. However, buying it legally from a dispensary really is the best way to go. No matter what you've heard before, here are the three reasons why you'll probably have a better time going to a dispensary than looking to alternative methods for picking up pot products. Wide-Ranging Smoking Alternatives For many people, smoking marijuana isn't an option. Read More 

Three Ways To Use Natural CBD Flower For Pain Relief

If you are seeking natural pain relief, one option that is becoming widely popular is CBD. Derived from cannabis or hemp, CBD does not make you feel high, but it does have a lot of other helpful properties, one of which is pain relief. There are now strains of cannabis that produce only CBD, and no THC. If you'd like to use one of these products, here are some options. Read More 

Common Misconceptions About Energy Healing

Natural healing practices are becoming more accepted, but there are still a lot of false myths floating around about alternatives to conventional medicine. Energy healing, in particular, has helped numerous people, but it is still poorly understood by the masses. If you are thinking of attending an energy healing retreat or visiting a healer for a few sessions, it's important that you know the truth. Here are some common misconceptions about energy healing. Read More 

Preventing Urinary Tract Infections

The discomfort and embarrassment you feel when coming down with a urinary tract infection can be upsetting. If you've just gone through yet another infection, it's time to become smart and vigilant about preventing them. Consider these UTI prevention recommendations. Wear Looser Pants Many people are still wearing skinny jeans and tighter trousers on a daily basis. While fashionable, understand that this can create an environment that's especially attractive to bacteria--one that's humid and dark. Read More 

Medical Marijuana: Key Facts

One of the more interesting legal trends of recent years is the advent of medical marijuana. Many states have adopted legislation that allows people to use this substance to alleviate symptoms from a variety of medical conditions. The following article takes a closer look at this fascinating legal development. States As of December 2018,  a total of 33 States and the District of Columbia have comprehensive laws that allow individuals to use marijuana to treat their symptoms. Read More